Prosperity Expo Kicks Off At Gikondo Expo Ground

Fireworks lit the sky above Gikondo Expo Ground on friday to signal the launch of the Prosperity Expo in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Rwanda Patriotic Front-Inkotanyi.

The exciting event was attended by high government officials, RPF members and private sector representatives among others. Participants were excited by renowned entertainers such as Jean Paul Samputu.

According to officials of the Private Sector Federation (PSF), the expo has attracted about 500 exhibitors that will be showcasing different achievements attained under the leadership of the RPF.

The expo reflects different achievements in many sectors such as in ICT, financial institutions, agro processing, SME promotion, governance, health and education among others.

Faustin Mbundu, the chairman of PSF, explained that the Expo is an event that brings together the business community to celebrate what they have achieved under the good leadership of RPF that created for them a favorable business environment.

“This is special in that people are celebrating 18 years of success attributed to 25 years since the creation of RPF which leads the government here,” he told The Rwanda Focus. “RPF created a favorable business environment to flourish. Business people can now run their businesses in any part of the country in security.”

He mentioned that there has been the establishment of the Public Private Dialogue where both public officials and private sector meet to discuss different issues in order to get harmony for sustainable development.

Prior the Expo, different activities where youth have been helping vulnerable people to improve their lives were organized. Other activities such as football games and entertainment events continue across the country. All these activities will be closed on December 20 while celebrating RFF’s silver jubilee, according to François Ngarambe, the Secretary General of RPF.

Ngarambe, who officially opened the expo, said that they opened the ground to business people so that they can showcase their achievements as they are committed to make private sector an engine of the national economic growth.

“RPF believes that private sector is the basis of the national wealth growth,” Ngarambe pointed out. “That is why we have always been encouraging business people and RPF members in particular to strive for excellence so that we can increase our production.”

The expo, which is scheduled to close on December 18, is held under the theme “Governance, Prosperity and Dignity to Our People” reflects the broad line of RPF leadership.

“Good leadership is a key pillar to progress,” Ngarambe said. “You can’t get any progress without good leadership. We have got great development over the years thanks to good leadership of RPF since its creation 25 years ago.”

He noted that the idea behind is to become self-reliant in order to uphold Rwanda’s dignity as it is envisaged in the RPF manifesto.

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