Agaciro Development Fund surpasses Rwf 10 Billion

The Ministry of Finance, which is the custodian of the money contributed towards the Agaciro Development Fund (AgDF), has announced the contributions for the fund are now above Rwf10 billion.

Residents of the Eastern Province, which concluded the fundraising in all districts constituting the region on Wednesday, gathered in excess of Rwf3 billion.

The last drive in the east was held in Nyagatare district where residents raised Rwf 880 million in support of the Fund, which was established with an aim of financing development projects that will be determined by Rwandans at a later stage.

Kayonza district that contributed over Rwf 565 million.

The Governor of the Eastern Province, Odette Uwamariya, said the fundraising would continue, even after the official launch was completed.

“As we announce the figures now, money is still trickling in…I am really humbled by people’s commitment. I thank every individual who supported the programme,” she said.

Senator Joseph Karemera, who presided over the event in Nyagatare, said the people of Rwanda were primarily responsible for developing their country.

He said that gone are the days when people sat back waiting for others to feed them, adding that Agaciro Fund was a way of ensuring that Rwandans play a central role in their country’s development.

“We managed to eradicate thatched houses (Nyakatsi), we promoted agriculture and farming…let’s not tire. We have to build our country, and I am sure with the maturity you are exhibiting, we shall,” he said.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, staff members of the Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre (IPRC) of Kigali contributed Rwf 100 million towards the Fund.

Each of the employees contributed a month’s salary.

Engineer Diogene Mulindahabi, the Principal, applauded his staff for understanding the value of the Agaciro Fund.

“This money will be channeled into the national treasury. Thanks to all those who are contributing with enthusiasm to the country’s development,” said the official.

Agaciro Development Fund is an initiative that was set up to raise more domestic resources to help accelerate economic development.

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