Good News Rwanda ,Rulindo – Teachers, students trained to help deaf people

eachers and some of the students from Groupe Scolaire Rukingu teachers and some students in Rulindo district are being trained on the talk and signs used by the deaf.

Rulindo – Teachers 300x225 Rwanda | Rulindo – Teachers, students trained to help deaf peopleThis school receives all kinds of students, normal and those with different disabilities and it is only right that teachers understand how to communicate with them as Donatien Mutuyimana the headmaster of this school explains.

“Generally, the deaf students follow what the teacher writes on the chalkboard and they don’t get the explanations given and that’s why teachers and the deaf students are being given this training so as to understand each other.”

This training for 5 days and was conducted in April.2012 an end that saw them equipped with basic knowledge about the signs used in such communication.

“The Rwandan association for the deaf prepared this training, this is not first and we hope it is not the last” the headmaster said.

Two deaf teachers are the ones training other 15 teachers and 16 deaf students who attend classes with normal students.

The school administration said that these students perform very well despite of their circumstance.


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