Health Professional Opportunities in Rwanda

Health Professional Opportunities and Recruitment System

Bringing Health Professionals back to Rwanda for short-term capacity building missions

Are you an experienced Rwandan health professional living abroad and wishing to make meaningful contribution to development efforts in your country of origin through donation of your time; share your talents and expertise? Then, MIDA Health Rwanda Project might be the right partner for you.

Are you a Manager of a healthcare institution in Rwanda that is in need of human resource for health development or capacity building? Then, MIDA Health Project might be the right door for you.

MIDA Health is a joint project between the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MINAFFET) of Rwanda and that uses skills and expertise from Rwandan diaspora health professionals and provides opportunities to support the national health strategy and the health sector and enhance their linkage to their home country.

The objective of the project is to contribute to the development of human resources in the health sector and encourage diaspora members to enhance their linkage to their home country.

The following key areas have been identified as priority to receive support from available health professionals from the Rwandan diaspora: Orthopedic Surgery, Neuro surgery, Maxillo facial, Plastic surgery, Pediatrics, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Internal Medicine, Internist Nephrologists, Internist Oncologist, Bio medical engineer, Histopathologist, etc.


Who can apply for the project?

1. Rwandan living and working abroad with a relevant background in health care or a related field;
2. Health institutions in Rwanda (Special attention is given to rural and district hospitals), and ;
3. Exceptionally, non-Rwandan health professionals willing to volunteer in Rwanda.


What does IOM offer?

1. Assistance with visa and work permit application (i.e. licensing);
2. Organizing travel arrangements, and lodgings in collaboration with hosting institutions;
3. Providing health and travel insurance;
4. Briefing to selected participants before deployment so that the roles and responsibilities of both participant and the host beneficiary institution are understood and agreed upon.
5. A subsistence allowance to each participant;
6. Supervision and monitoring during assignments.


For further information or application, please contact:

IOM Rwanda, MIDA Health Project
Tel.: (+250) 252 58 67 10
Mobile Phone: +250 78 88 08622

For further details about the vacancies, please visit


To apply for the project, Health Professionals interested can register on the above link and send their CV with the application letter to the above email by mentioning subject line: MIDA Health Rwanda Vacancy.


For more information on IOM, please visit


For more information on Rwandan Diaspora General Directorate (MINAFFET), please visit or


For more information on Public Health Sector in Rwanda, please visit

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