Rwanda’s first private TV station to start broadcasting in July

Rwanda’s first private TV station since 1994, Tele 10, will start broadcasting in July this year. The new television station belongs to the Group Tele 10 which already has a private radio station known as Radio 10.

“We will have new ways of presenting news. It will be news seen from above and below. Over the years, the news we heard on national radio is mainly government news,” Eugene Nyagahene, the promoter of Tele 10, said. “This time, we will give the civil society, business community and each Rwandan the opportunity to air their views to viewers,” he added.

However, Eugene Nyagahene said the station will refrain from opening its airwaves to political debates and will focus solely on commercial, cultural, and mainly on entertainment. “It will stress on youth training with to fight against AIDS and education. It will be put to the profit of economic actors,” Eugene Nyagahene said.

The station will broadcast 24 hours in Kinyarwanda, English and French.

(Source: RNA news agency, Kigali, in French 5 Mar 12 via BBC Monitoring)

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