vory Coast Army Chief In Rwanda

The Ivorian army chief Lieutenant General Bakayoko Soumaila has called upon all countries especially African countries to pick a lesson from what befell Rwanda in 1994.

His three day official visit is aimed at attaining useful nation-building solutions and military friendship.

Bakayoko visited Kigali Genocide Memorial Site with his delegation said picking a lesson would remind all humanity to depict never again concept. “What happened in Rwanda is painful but should as well provide lessons to build a better and strong future.”

He also laid a wreath in memory of victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Bakayoko said that his country is emerging from a crisis and that he hopes to take advantage of the Rwandan experience and adapt them back home.

“The solutions you have adopted here may add to our knowledge, we could adapt them and give Ivory Coast more suitable solutions so that Ivoirians can be able to work towards reconstructing their country,” noted Gen. Bakayoko.

“We hope that the big sacrifice made allows the Rwandan people to rediscover themselves for the future generation, for a country of liberty, a country where all live together and where harmony among the people is a reality”.

The Ivorian army chief said that what happened in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi is so dismaying and should serve as a lesson for other countries so as to build strong nations in future.

Lt. Gen. Bakayoko held discussions with his Rwandan counterpart, Lieutenant General Charles KAYONGA, and with Defence Minister General James KABAREBE.

Bakayoko also visited the army’s Credit and Savings Society ZIGAMA CSS, and Rwanda Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission.

His visit also aims at learning from Rwanda’s experience on issues related to the reintegration of ex-forces in a single unified army and the concept of the Reserve Force.

Friday Bagayoko is expected to visit various military activities including Nyakinama Military academy, reserve force in Rubavu district where they are cutting terraces.

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