Hon. Aloisea Inyumba wins award

A. K Otiti

Hon.Minister Aloysia-Inyumba

The Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Hon. Aloisea Inyumba has won the ‘Women have Wings Courage Award’. Two other female activists will receive the award along with Hon. Inyumba; Virisila Buadromo from Fiji and Chi Yvonne Leina from Cameroon.

This year’s award is the inaugural award that will be given annually and will go to outstanding women from around the world living the courageous spirit of Amelia Earhart. Amelia Earhart was the first pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and was the first woman to receive the US Distinguished Flying Cross. She was also author of many books on aviation and inspired many women to take an interest in the aviation industry.

The award recognizes the courageous strides Inyumba has made to further the rights of all people in her country. ‘The Women have Wings team was impressed by Hon. Inyumba’s courage and determination to promote peace in her country. Her political work shines a light on the importance of women in government positions. The US has much to learn from Rwanda in this regard’ the Women have Wings team wrote.

Congratulations Honourable Inyumba!


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