Rwanda scores well out of 53 African countries in Mo Ibrahim Index

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation has released the 2011 Ibrahim Index of African Governance.

Below is a summary of the score and ranking for Rwanda in comparison to the 53 African countries ranked and the EAC countries.

Rwanda scores very well out of 53 African countries ranked on the following indicators:

·         Gender 4th out of 53 countries,


·         Accountability, 9th  out of 53 countries,


·         Public management, 8th out of 53 countries,


·         Business environment, 7th out of 53 countries,


·         Rural sector, 6th out of 53 Countries,


·         Welfare, 10th out of 53 countries,


·         Health 14th out of 53, countries.


Rwanda is ranked 25th out of 53 African countries scored. Our Country features in 6 top 10 ranked index out of 11.

The country is in the top 10 scores on gender, accountability, public management, business environment, rural sector and welfare.

Overall, Rwanda scored very well in the categories of human development (welfare, health and education) and sustainable development (public management, business environment and rural sector).

The worst score is in rule of law and human rights with the exception of accountability and gender in this category. The worst ranking in these categories are National security and participation.

The total score for Rwanda is 52%. The average African score is 50% and the East Africa Average is 46 percent.

Generally, this ranking is a slight improvement from previous rankings.

Mo Ibrahim Foundation – 2011 Ibrahim Index of African Governance

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