Rwanda Joins Global Forum for Entrepreneurs

Rwanda will for the first time participate in the global entrepreneurship week, exposing its current success in promoting the business environment.

The global entrepreneurship week is an initiative started in 2008 that helps to network, mentor and coach young people to unleash their potential and create change in the world through entrepreneurship.

Christopher Smith, the Country Director, the Babison-Rwanda Entrepreneurship Centre (BREC) said the week long event will introduce the notion of entrepreneurial behaviour to as many young people who otherwise might not have considered it a path in their lives.

Babison-Rwanda Entrepreneurship Centre is an affiliate of Babison College United States of America

“We need to have a generation that will see the market place as a positive force to solve the world’s problems”, he said during the second 2nd workshop on development entrepreneurs on Tuesday in Kigali.

Smith noted that the event is currently celebrated in 113 countries with 24,000 partner organisations. It also aims at demonstrating to opinion leaders and policy makers that entrepreneurship is central to a nation’s economic health and culture.

Rebson Dzala, the General Manager and trainer at Centre for Business Solutions (CBS) noted that promoting young entrepreneurs will increase local investments and help fight unemployment.

Rebson added that understanding access to finance, savings and personal financing of start-up businesses are considered as the key drivers to entrepreneurship.

“We are empowering the capacity of these people to self start their businesses, but there is need to understand the concept of access to finance and management of capital”, he said.

Renee Edwards, the Assistant Director Babson-Rwanda Entrepreneurship Centre told Business Times that his centre has brought together other entrepreneurs and service providers to organise a vast number of activities which help to achieve the week’s objectives.

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