Top A-level performers complete ICT training

By Fred Ndoli

The best performing girls in last year’s Senior Six national exams demonstrate their newly acquired IT skills after completing the Imbuto Foundation training (Photo; F.)

Twenty Senior Six best performing female students completed an intensive three-week CISCO training at Tumba College of Technology (TCT) in Rulindo District.

The students emerged the best performers during last year’s national secondary school examinations.
The training was organised by Imbuto Foundation.

The students drawn from all provinces were each awarded a certificate in IT applications. Each province sent five of its best students.
After demonstrating what they learnt, one of the girls, Rita Nzaramba, said the training equipped her with computer assembling skills.
“I will use the knowledge I have got from here to help people solve problems with computers,” said Nzaramba.

On behalf of her colleagues, Rachael Mukarwego, hailed the First Lady, for championing such initiatives that promote girls education. Mrs Jeannette Kagame is the patron of the foundation.

“Through Imbuto Foundation, girls have gained hope and will always acknowledge the confidence instilled in us by the First Lady,” she said.

The principal of TCT, Pascal Gatabazi, said the training would also help the students in their future studies.
“This training gives them the basic knowledge of ICT essentials and it helps in closing the imbalance between girls and boys,” said
Gatabazi, noting that only 20 percent of the girls have gone through ICT courses at his college.

Imbuto Foundation’s Director General, Radegonde Ndejuru, urged the students to maintain the spirit of hard work and self discipline while pursuing their university studies.

“Continue with that spirit of excelling and build self confidence for your future careers,” she said, cautioning them against all forms of temptations detrimental to their future.


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