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Remarks by US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton


President Kagame lights the flame at Gisozi Genocide Memorial site yesterday.


We pause today to reflect upon one of humanity’s darkest hours and pay our respects to the victims killed brutally and needlessly in the 100 days of carnage in Rwanda in 1994. On behalf of President Obama and the American people, I extend our deepest sympathies to all Rwandans who lost loved ones, friends, neighbors, and colleagues in the genocide.

For the last 17 years, Rwandans have worked to rebuild their lives and chart a new course for their country’s future. Refugees and former combatants have returned and are living and working together throughout the country. Rwanda has worked to hold accountable those responsible for the tragic events of 1994.

Today, Rwanda’s economy is growing, investment and tourism are on the rise, and relationships with neighboring countries are being rebuilt. Rwanda has sent peacekeepers to United Nations missions in Sudan, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and most recently Haiti. It has spoken out against attacks on civilians in Libya, providing a powerful perspective on the urgency of humanitarian action.

The United States commends Rwanda’s efforts to improve the well-being of its citizens, ensure accountability, and promote peace, stability, and development. As you remember the victims of 1994, know that the United States stands with you as we work together to build a secure, peaceful, prosperous, and democratic nation for yourselves, your children, and generations to follow.


Kigali’s Bold Vision for 2020!

Breaking News Videos from CNN: Rwanda is ambitiously developing its capital city, Kigali to become a future hub of business, trade and tourism in East Africa.

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By Frank Kanyesigye

KIGALI –The British Parliament, last week, marked the 17th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

According to a statement from the Rwanda High Commission in the UK, the event was organized by the Party Parliamentary Group on the Great Lakes (APPG).

Speaking at the event, MP Eric Joyce, and Chair of APPG, observed that an estimated one million people were killed in just 100 days using machetes and other dehumanising instruments in the Genocide.

The good news, he said, is that 17 years on, Rwanda has managed to rebuild itself and is one of the most promising nations in Africa.

Joyce added that although survivors still face many challenges, the country has made a remarkable recovery.

The commemoration, that took place at the House of Commons, was attended by Members of Parliament, Genocide survivors as well as staff of the Rwandan High Commission.

Ernest Rwamucyo, Rwanda’s High Commissioner to the UK, commended APPG for organizing the annual commemoration.

“Rwanda has changed for the good. The momentum of positive change in our country cannot be stopped,” Rwamucyo said.

The envoy noted that the country will continue to remember Genocide victims in order to accord dignity to those who perished, and to ensure that it never happens again.

“In remembering, we also commit to forgive those who sincerely seek to be forgiven,” he noted.

Stephen Crabb MP and Nicola Blackwood MP, read testimonies of Genocide survivors.

Two Rwandan survivors, Alphonsine Kabagabo and Jean Bosco Ngabonzima narrated their stories.

The commemoration was observed earlier than April 7 because the Parliament will be in recess. The major Genocide commemoration event in UK will take place tomorrow at the Southwark Cathedral in central London.



The Rwandan peace keepers have extended hard word and generosity that characterizes Rwandans to peace keeping.

They have on several occasions played a responsible role to the communities in which they are deployed as peace keepers.

For the last few years they have been deployed in Darfur, the Rwanda Defense Forces (RDF) under the UN/AU peace keeping mission in Sudan have been involved in environmental protection by introducing the charcoal saving stoves, trained communities on gender based violence and how women can protect themselves against such kinds of violence and more recently in the construction of a school.

See the link below for more details on the recently constructed school.

RPF Troops Leaving For Darfur


Revising genocide’s truth in God’s name

As we prepare for the 17th Commemoration Anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide against Tutsis, Rwandans and friends of Rwandans are remembering loved ones and reflecting on the past and the achievements realised since then including justice, women empowerment, health, education unity and reconciliation and many other factors

This years commemoration will be held under the theme: ” Upholding the truth, Preserving Our Dignity” ,

And as we get ready to mourn in remembrance we also celebrate how far we have come from that darkest of past’s, we celebrate our freedom of speech, we celebrate finally being noticed as human beings that deserve every good thing this life has to offer, and we celebrate the TRUTH!

Friends of Evil is a blog that informs the public about the people who still deny or try to  justify the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda , Knowledge is Power and we thank God that through different mediums today, the truth is easily accessible to people

A Brilliant Article, ”Revising genocide’s truth in God’s name” discusses the role of the Catholic Church in The 1994 genocide (please copy and paste link in the browser to read )

Genocide Survivors

Prime Minister of Rwanda, Bernard Makuza has also appealed to the nation to support survivors and each other during the commemoration period

The Rwanda High Commission in the UK will also be holding a Commemoration Service at Southwark Cathedral on the 7th of April in remembrance inviting all Rwandans and friends of Rwanda to join us for the event

For more information on the Commemoration Service to be held in London, please contact

Did you know?

That Rwanda was the fastest global business reformer on ease of doing business in the World Bank Doing Business Survey 2010 rankings, rising up a record 76 places in 1 year

That In 2010, Rwanda introduced about 25 reforms to ease doing business in the country. It now takes an average of 3 days to start business compared to 45-days average on the African continent, and 13-days for the rich countries to start a business

That in World Bank’s ‘Doing Business Report’ 2011’s index, Rwanda was the most improved country in Africa – the second most improved country overall. It came in 58th on the overall list, up from 70th last year.

That Rwanda has a thriving mining Industry,minerals are one of Rwanda’s major export earners and key minerals include: Cassiterite, Coltan, Wolfram, Gold, Tin, Tungsten and Tatalum

That the mining industry employs up to 30,000 local people and one of the Government objectives for the mining industry is to employ 50,000 staff with higher pay by 2015



New Metropolitan Kigali , The town is changing so rapidly

Building Relationships- the way forward for Rwanda

The Rwanda High Commission and Suffolk Council have certainly been breaking bread over the past year! The relationship started when Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk was chosen to host the first ever Rwandan Olympic Team in 2012

Since then, the High Commissioner and other Diplomats at the High Commission have worked closely with Suffolk to keep up the relationship

One of the best relationships formed have been with King Edward VI School in Bury St Edmunds where the pupils are overwhelmingly enthusiastic to learn about the country, take on the culture , partner and visit schools in Rwanda

Below are a few of the events that have taken place with the school;

King Edward VI School and Hardwick Middle School students were excited to be special guests of Rwanda House (The Rwandan High Commission). They were treated to a tour of the embassy, learning about the famous hand-made Peace Baskets as well as other arts, crafts and a sample of traditional Rwandan dancing at the World Travel Market. They were particularly taken by the connoisseur coffee which Wynn Rees, our Fair trade ambassador at King Edward VI has taken to serving to all our guests at school, and will be looking to source a variety of Rwandan products for sale in school. One of the projects our students will be working on is creating markets for Rwandan products in the town, as well as further afield through an online business.

Spearheaded by our special guests from the Rwandan embassy and diaspora (names), Rwanda week at King Edward VI School saw an explosion of colour and celebration. Students learnt the art of Rwandan bead making, sampled traditional food, hosted charity sports events and held a showcase event for 7 partner schools (some 200 primary school students), focussed around the Olympic and Paralympic values and the link with our Rwandan Olympians. Students watched videos and listened to stories of Rwanda from people with real experiences. The showcase was the launch pad for a town-wide poetry competition to be judged by Waterstones, the prize being a sightseeing trip to London including visits to the Olympic Park and Rwanda House.

Charity work and Rwandan – English school links:
Engalynx and Rwanda Aid charities were represented and a cheque for £2004.27 was presented to Rwanda Aid. Both charities support sustainable development in Rwandan schools. An impressive piece of international liaison between Mururu School (King Edward VI School’s partner school) and Rwanda Aid enabled children in Bury St Edmunds to see video footage of Mururu  school showing a “virtual tour” of their school, a personal address from the Headteacher and a group “hello” to King Edward VI School students. We hope to send King Edward VI staff and students out to Rwanda to work alongside Rwandan students in sports leadership, dance, music, drama and art projects as well as literacy and maths.

English and PE lessons
PE lessons focussed around how the government in Rwanda is using sport to develop solidarity, reconciliation and relationships. Three hundred and fifty students fourteen year old (year 9) students developing poetry styles in English lessons through the stimulus of the film “Hotel Rwanda” and the Olympic Values

Other events
Other events included film screenings, African drum workshops, displays of Rwandan arts and crafts, assemblies tracing the recent history, and focussing on the current status of Rwanda as a beacon of good practice in Africa.

Rwanda’s high rank in Women Report

Rwanda was recently voted 10th Best Country in the Common Wealth for a girl to be born, with the UK coming in at number 8 and Brunei Darrusalam(Common Wealth’s richest country)  at no.23!

Rwanda also ranked first in the world in the top female political participation table with the United Kingdom at no.17 and the highest proportion of female members in the parliament

The report, published by the Royal Common Wealth Society to mark the Commonwealth’s 2011 theme, ‘Women as Agents of Change’ depicted Rwanda in a light unfamiliar to the world

The report explores how well the 54 Common Wealth Countries are doing to promote girls and women as agents of change and uses indicators that reflect various aspects of a girl’s life e.g. fertility rate of girls aged 15-19, access to education and other resources, life expectancy, Commonwealth scholarships and fellowships taken up etc….

Findings from the report also show that Poverty levels do not always correlate with levels of gender inequality as seen above

Rwanda sees women as a major part of the solution in transforming the society

And of course this goes without saying ‘Proud to be Rwandan!’


Hello world!

Welcome to Good News Rwanda, Here we intend to share with you positive, encouraging and uplifting news about the Land of Eternal Spring and One Thousand Hills

”Rwanda is a land that has known both the momentous movement of the Spirit of God and the heart-wrenching horror of genocide. ” Meg Guillebaud

Today Rwanda is in the process of Rebirth, We have hit rock bottom and the only way for us now is UP

It is indeed a New Dawn in Rwanda and we hope through this blog you are involved in our transformation journey

We share with you the news no one else will, news that encourages human and economic development ,gives a realistic picture and tells accurate stories of peace and prosperity not only in Rwanda but also in the motherland Africa

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