Revising genocide’s truth in God’s name

As we prepare for the 17th Commemoration Anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide against Tutsis, Rwandans and friends of Rwandans are remembering loved ones and reflecting on the past and the achievements realised since then including justice, women empowerment, health, education unity and reconciliation and many other factors

This years commemoration will be held under the theme: ” Upholding the truth, Preserving Our Dignity” ,

And as we get ready to mourn in remembrance we also celebrate how far we have come from that darkest of past’s, we celebrate our freedom of speech, we celebrate finally being noticed as human beings that deserve every good thing this life has to offer, and we celebrate the TRUTH!

Friends of Evil is a blog that informs the public about the people who still deny or try to  justify the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda , Knowledge is Power and we thank God that through different mediums today, the truth is easily accessible to people

A Brilliant Article, ”Revising genocide’s truth in God’s name” discusses the role of the Catholic Church in The 1994 genocide (please copy and paste link in the browser to read )

Genocide Survivors

Prime Minister of Rwanda, Bernard Makuza has also appealed to the nation to support survivors and each other during the commemoration period

The Rwanda High Commission in the UK will also be holding a Commemoration Service at Southwark Cathedral on the 7th of April in remembrance inviting all Rwandans and friends of Rwanda to join us for the event

For more information on the Commemoration Service to be held in London, please contact

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