Rwanda’s high rank in Women Report

Rwanda was recently voted 10th Best Country in the Common Wealth for a girl to be born, with the UK coming in at number 8 and Brunei Darrusalam(Common Wealth’s richest country)  at no.23!

Rwanda also ranked first in the world in the top female political participation table with the United Kingdom at no.17 and the highest proportion of female members in the parliament

The report, published by the Royal Common Wealth Society to mark the Commonwealth’s 2011 theme, ‘Women as Agents of Change’ depicted Rwanda in a light unfamiliar to the world

The report explores how well the 54 Common Wealth Countries are doing to promote girls and women as agents of change and uses indicators that reflect various aspects of a girl’s life e.g. fertility rate of girls aged 15-19, access to education and other resources, life expectancy, Commonwealth scholarships and fellowships taken up etc….

Findings from the report also show that Poverty levels do not always correlate with levels of gender inequality as seen above

Rwanda sees women as a major part of the solution in transforming the society

And of course this goes without saying ‘Proud to be Rwandan!’


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